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Janet Janjigian, Principal

Janet Janjigian’s professional background uniquely intersects Washington D.C., Hollywood and Wall St. Combining her extensive experience as an Emmy award winning television news and documentary journalist in Washington, DC for NBC Nightly News, ABC News Nightline and for CNN in Los Angeles, Ms. Janjigian transitioned those experiences to become the Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications at MGM Studios. Currently, Ms. Janjigian heads DC Media Group LA as its primary media and government relations consultant. DC Media Group LA specializes in corporate communications and public policy in a variety of industry sectors, raising the profile of clients in broadcast, print, online and social network media.
DC Media Group LA was specifically created to establish this broader base between Washington DC, Hollywood and Wall St., and in response to the growing healthcare sector in Southern California. One innovative client, Heritage Provider Network, Dr. Richard Merkin, President and CEO, develops integrated physician groups, including 28 medical groups in California and one in New York with over 700,000 patients. In December 2010, utilizing Ms. Janjigian's services, Dr. Merkin announced the $3 million Heritage Health Prize for Predicative Modeling in an effort to save $30 billion in avoidable hospitalizations. This innovative challenge is the world's largest prize in for Predicative Modeling, larger than the Gates Health Prize and the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
While at MGM Studios, Ms. Janjigian managed and developed media and messaging strategy for the studio, its executives and its four core businesses.  She was instrumental in raising the MGM profile in the nation's leading business media outlets, including structuring the media campaigns for MGM's major M&A transactions in the global press prior to the sale of the company.  Ms. Janjigians's high level Congressional and Administration contacts enabled the company to pursue and obtain ART ACT, the successful legislative campaign to protect copyrighted content, as well as the media campaign in connection with the landmark MGM vs. Grokster case heard in the U.S. Supreme Court.  MGM was acquired in a major $5 billion acquisition in 2005 and Ms. Janjigian handled the worldwide media surrounding it. She also created a new marketing niche for the feature film division for such films as "Hotel Rwanda," "Osama" and "Legally Blonde 2" combining news, politics and business media, thereby raising the profile of the films, bringing added value to the box office and the stock price.
After MGM sold, Ms. Janjigian started We Get It Consulting in 2005, specializing in corporate communications, digital content protection and distribution and government relations.
Ms. Janjigian has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California and a M.A. in Communications from American University, Washington D.C., and graduated from the Global Business Leadership and Management Certification Program, Center for International Business Education and Research, Georgetown University Graduate School of Business, Washington, D.C.



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